Belka Cotton Paint.

What is Belka?

Belka Cotton Paint is a new art of technology to wall finish!!! This is the skill behind it. Belka is the best alternative to chemical odorous paints and wall papers. Once you get it done, that’s all. Only one coat , so you save time and money. It is self healing and cleaning.

Belka Paints in Nairobi Kenya

Belka can be used as alternative to special paint effects.

Why Belka is ideal alternative to paint and wallpaper.

Belka is the ideal modern day low maintenance alternative to paint and wallpaper. It is an easy and cost effective way to add color, texture and style to walls and ceilings. It is an Ideal alternative wall and ceiling decoration. Belka can be used in homes and other residential places and also can be highly recommended for commercial spaces like Hotel rooms, Offices, Malls, and Factories etc. With Belka Cotton Paint, you can apply many creative and innovative way in decorating your walls and ceilings.

Benefits of Belka.

  • Belka is Easy to Install and Easy to Remove.
  • Applicable on any surface and no need to substructures.
  • High Physical Resistance, Flame Safe, Insect Free and Humidity Resistant.
  • No Cracks-No Seams, Self-Cleaning, Self-Healing and Acoustic Insulation.
  • High Speed of Installation, 100% Natural Material and Odor Free. 
  • More than 60 Colors and Light Coordination.

Bedlka In Kenya

Belka Paints in Nairobi

Belka Cotton Paints in Kenya

Belka Cotton Paint in Nairobi Kenya

Belka in Kenya

Belka in Kenya

Belka Cotton Paint in Kenya

Belka Cotton Paint Color Chart.

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Belka Paint In Kenya

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