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How to Choose an Interior Designer

How to Choose an Interior Designer

We have so many interior designers in Kenya and around the world. Therefore the task of choosing which of the interior designers is best suited to work on your next project can be daunting. For instance, we have several interior designers in Nairobi Kenya.

Therefore it is important to choose the right interior designer the next time you want to start an interior design project or simply remodel your home according to your taste.

This is because you have a quest for perfection and you do not want to allow room for mistakes. With that said, there is a series of steps to be followed when choosing your ideal interior designer.

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Let’s dive in;

Find out your style

You need to know what your particular style is before you can begin interviewing an interior designer. Take time to browse through the internet to check some websites that will help you identify your style so that you can hire the right person for the right job.

Good designers have a particular style that works for them, however, a really good one should be blue to adapt to your style.

Take a look at some portfolios

After identifying your desired interior designer, have a look at their portfolios to see whether you can identify the particular style that they have that you can work with.

Set a budget

It is important to know what it will cost you before commencing any interior design project. Some designers charge a fixed rate for their designs while others charge an hourly rate. This is also a major factor that will contribute to your choice of designer

Meet with designers

Once you have narrowed down your choice of designer, decide to meet face-to-face to deliberate further on the kind of design that you want. Most designers don’t charge for these sessions but it would be good to ask first over the phone.

Make Inquiries

During this meeting session, it is important to be as inquisitive as possible, you could ask for referrals contacts, experience, qualifications, the service that will be provided by the designer the duration of the projects, the total costs, and anything else that you can think of. It is important to jolt down everything on paper so as not to forget anything.

Have an open mind

As much as you and your designer may agree on most of the things concerning the style that you want, you may not agree on everything so it is important to maintain an open mind and be ready to welcome any ideas that the interior designer might give you. However, you should not also allow him to force you to do anything that you do not like

Compare notes

After meeting with all the designers, it is important to do your pros and cons and compare notes and estimates. Note that the cheaper option is not always the best choice for your design.

Sign a contract

Make the call to your preferred designer and let him know all that you have decided to put in your project. Ensure you sign a legal binding that involves terms and conditions for each other, the responsibilities the timeline the budget involved, and every other important detail that is required.

Make a plan

Put a plan of attack once you have decided to work together as a team decide where the project will start from practicality especially if several rooms need to be designed what are the materials you require to purchase in the first phase select them with the help of your designer and also decide on some of the pieces you would like to keep. Maybe a piece of old chair or table plus several other details.

Modify your schedule

You will have to adapt your lifestyle and schedule in case you need to be home at some phases of the projects. so it is important to readjust your schedule in such a case.

Thank you so much for reading through these tips. Prime House Interiors can provide you with a free quotation for your next commercial, residential, or exterior design services.

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