Commercial Interior Design Services in Kenya

Health care, Beauty, Retail, Hospitality and Office space

At the heart of every organization are its culture, workplace practices, and most importantly its people. Workplace consultancy aims to understand, translate and respond to all elements of a business.

Through analyzing the impact of space on your people, technology, and business processes we develop a full understanding of the objectives behind your relocation and refurbishment.

This information becomes the blue print for creating intelligent, hardworking solutions to address your business’s ongoing needs.

Commercial Interior Design Services in Nairobi Kenya

Commercial Space Planning and Interior Design Services

Our experienced in-house team of designers is dedicated to providing insightful commercial interior design services and exterior solutions for the commercial workplace.

Their creative approach, balanced with an acute commercial awareness enables them to create functional working environments that enhance and promote your business objectives and its culture.

We place high value on progressive working approaches continually striving to bring innovative ideas into our designs, finding optimum working solutions for all our clients.

Through research, we have come to learn that working spaces that are well and nicely designed have a way of inspiring the mind of the users by which it enhances the productivity and that results in positive impact in to the business.

Commercial Interior Design Services in Nairobi Kenya

Prime House Interiors Limited is committed to providing exceptional services and products, starting from project conceptualization to the commissioning of end product.

Our experienced staff is committed to providing stunning and excellent interior and exterior designs that are customer-oriented.

Using the latest technology, we design your spaces be it Office, Residential, Hospitality or any other space making them more comfortable and suitable to the users.

Our team of Designers and Architects coordinates to the very last architectural and interior detail. Our work includes:- Space planning, interior and exterior design, supply and installation of quality products, Interior fit-out and refurbishment, Cabro and Landscaping, etc.

Commercial Interior Services in Nairobi Kenya

We work hard to offer the very best commercial interior designs services in Nairobi Kenya and the whole regeon.

Installations and fittings

In our endeavor to provide decor in both residential and commercial premises we use varying products and finishes to incorporate distinctive details that makes a statement. Range of our detailed products include and are not limited to:

Gypsum ceiling, PVC and Acoustic Ceilings, Wall2wall Carpets, Wallpapers, Lighting Systems, Kitchen Cabinets & Wardrobes, Wall Decorative Units, Window Blinds, Doors and many more.

Commercial Interior Design Services in Nairobi Kenya

Interior fit-out and refurbishment

Our experienced team of Commercial Interior Design Services in Kenya is committed to delivering projects of consistent, high quality; a commitment that our clients have come to rely upon
We work closely with your team to ensure that your aspirations and objectives can be delivered within the constraints of the building, overall budget and time expectations. This ensures a smooth transition from concept to completion