Commercial Interior Design Services in Kenya.

What is a commercial interior design?

Commercial interior design refers to interior design in spaces like offices, retail stores, restaurants, lobbies and other public spaces.

Commercial Interior Design In Kenya

Commercial Interior Design In Nairobi

The differences between residential and commercial interior design is:-

  1. Residential Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. .
  2. Commercial interior design on the other hand deals with the planning and designing of business spaces like Offices, Showrooms, Hotels, Restaurants, Salon and Barbershops, Clubs and Many More.

The importance of  designing commercial spaces.

  • Keeps the workforce Happy. Most people love to work in an office where the air is clean and fresh.
  • Adds to the Brand Image. Having a lavishly designed office plays a key role in attracting attention of most people.
  • Impresses the Clients: Better brand image to its utility is a tool to impress clients. Some of the companies that are into the b2b business opt to have a stylish office space so that they can influence their prospective clients.

4.Main reasons to why we are the best interior design company.

  1. Our experienced in-house team of designers is dedicated to providing insightful commercial interior design solutions for the workplace.
  2. Our creative approach, balanced with an acute commercial awareness enables us to create functional working environments that enhance and promote your business objectives and its culture.
  3. We place high value on progressive working approaches continually striving to bringing innovative ideas into our designs, finding optimum working solutions for all our clients.
  4. Our team of Designers coordinates to the very last architectural and interior detail. Our scope of work includes: – Space planning, interior decor, supply and installation of quality products, Interior fit-out and refurbishment to name but just a few.

Commercial Interior Design In Kenya

Board Room Set Up

Office Interior Design In Kenya

Reception Desk Design

Commercial Interior Design In Kenya

The Benefit of commercial interior design to a business.

Through research, we have come to learn that working spaces that are well and nicely designed have a way of inspiring the mind of the users by which it enhances the productivity and that results in positive impact in to the business.

Commercial interior design is often overlooked when it is actually something of ultimate importance. If you create the right environment for employees to work in and clients to visit, the impressions of both will be positive, which can be directly linked to productivity and ultimately your profits.

Commercial Space Plan

Office Open Plan Work Station

Office Plan

Office Desk Set Up

Installations and fittings.

In our endeavor to provide decor in both residential and commercial premises, we use varying products and finishes to incorporate distinctive details that make a statement. Range of our detailed products include:- Gypsum ceiling, PVC and Acoustic Ceilings, Wall2wall Carpets, Wallpapers, Lighting Systems, Special effect paints, Furniture, Wall Decorative Units, Window Blinds, Doors and many more.

Office Interior Design In Nairobi

Commercial Interior Design In Kenya

Reception Design Set Up

Why commercial interior design is so critical.

 Interior design for commercial spaces is so critical in the sense that it can even help determine the success of a business by the way your employees and customers perceive your company. It is critical to keep your commercial space aesthetically pleasing for your clients and also make it functional and conducive to create an effective environment for everyone.

The roll of an interior designer in a commercial interior design.

An interior designer will ensure proper space distribution, balancing function with beauty. The aesthetics of a place has a direct impact on staff motivation and quality of life at work. Your designer will also help you make informed choices to keep your overhead costs low. They know that every project is unique to an individual building, and the corporate philosophy inside it.

Commercial Interior Design

Small Office Set Up

Office Interior Design In Kenya

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Creativity and Choice.

A specialist can help you make your ideas come to life. They will grasp your objectives and chosen theme (if you have one), and use their skills and experience to mix this together with the history of the building and the mission and ethos of the company. They will help you to make your staff and customers feel motivated when they are at work. The real magic happens when they don’t even notice there is a bathroom or kitchen hidden behind that beautiful piece of artwork.

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Office Glass Partition

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Office Glass Partition With Frosted Tint

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Commercial Interior Design In Kenya