It depends on the level in which you wish to take your project. If you have budget for your project, we take that into consideration when preparing the scope of work and the design fee for your project. Ultimately the final cost for your project is up to you. You set a budget and it is our job to maximize your project within budget.

We don’t have a style that we stick to. Our clients preferences, the architecture of the home or building and its natural surroundings, and also the budget will dictate the interior’s style direction. Prime House Interiors seeks to bring out our client’s personality and best self in each space.

We provide our services in Nairobi and Kenya as a whole. We also cover East and Central Africa.

This will vary from project to project. Much of this depends on you, and your comfort with making decisions in a timely manner.

The portfolio page on this site has a good sampling of our home design work. Feel free to contact us to see more images of other specific projects that may be closely related to yours.

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