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Gypsum Ceilings Nairobi Kenya

Gypsum ceilings are fast becoming one of the most popular choices for new build projects and also with homeowners looking to remodel or renovate a space. There is no one-size-fits-all gypsum ceiling solution and nobody knows that better than us. We offer a range of hand-tailored ceiling solutions for customers. Whether it is a grid and tile ceiling to allow immediate access to the cavity behind, or a metal frame ceiling constructed from plasterboard panels and a metal framework, Prime House Interiors has a raft of versatile gypsum board for ceiling that can all be adapted to meet your needs.

Why Gypsum Ceilings

Bespoke Gypsum Designs In Kenya

Kenya is increasingly embracing Gypsum ceiling designs since they are widely fitted in interiors of both commercial and residential buildings. There is also a growth in the number of gypsum installers/expertise together with interior designers’ professionals whom execute gypsum designs. Examples of gypsum ceiling designs in Kenya by Prime House Interiors. We have both residential and commercial gypsum ceiling designs which we are going to showcase here.

Aesthetic Gypsum Ceilings Designs

There are different styles of gypsum ceilings designs used in decorating the interior of buildings. Either commercial or residential interiors, gypsum ceiling designs can be executed for interested people in their interiors by professionals. This gypsum ceilings designs gives the interior of a building an aesthetic look and adds a big part to the decoration and balances with the other decors due to color match and lighting.

Commercial Gypsum Designs

This are the gypsum designs that have been implemented in Kenyan commercial building. i.e. offices, retail stores, restaurants, lobbies, churches and many other public spaces. It creates visually interesting spaces and has a significant impact to the users of the space. Kenyans love beautiful scenarios.

Although gypsum designs are quite expensive compared to other designs, it has a number of desirable benefits. Gypsum designs creates beautiful homes, fire resistant and sound isolation homes. This is because gypsum designs are easy to fit, decorate and enhance aesthetic and eclectic homes. Kenya is a developing country that follows the best dynamic advancements and this is one of them. Kenyan is never left behind and so can you. Follow suit by using gypsum designs in your interiors and experience cool and chic homes. Full of taste, functional and above all a feeling of contentment. Desire an interior you want to spend all of your time in!

Suspended/Gypsum False Ceiling Design

This is a gypsum ceiling design that’s suspended from structural ceiling. Are lightweight, sound insulated, fire resistant, soft and thermally insulated. They can be designed in various shapes and patterns. They can be painted for finishing, laminated, wallpapered and texture finish giving the interior a good look.

What Is Gypsum Boards Used For?

They are used to make wall boards and plaster products for both commercial and residential buildings. Gypsum ceiling board installation is usually preferred for quite some several reasons:

Gypsum Cornices On The Ceiling

These are decorative crown moldings fitted along the top edges between the walls and ceiling of a room. Gypsum cornice for instance is a major interior finishing component in residential and commercial projects in Kenya. It’s one of the features that adds value and elegance when combined with other interior design concepts. Call us today for gypsum ceiling installation and more.