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Painting Services and Company in Nairobi Kenya

Have an outdated or newly renovated home that needs painting services or a fresh coat of paint? Our painting service company has a friendly team knowledgeable on various color schemes and finishes to bring your house to life. Want superior licensed painter at competitive prices? Contact us now for a free quote.

Highly skilled painting company at both interior and exterior home, office partitioning, residential interior design, company signage, Belka cotton paint, home & office renovation, canvas paints kenya and commercial painting services, our hard working team transform your property from the inside out. Our painting contractors use the highest quality paints, materials and advanced techniques in brush, roller and spray-painting to deliver the best results, every time. You can rest assured our experience and professionalism will deliver exactly what you need.

Still in the planning and budgeting stage for a residential painter? No problem. Use our extensive experience in the painting and home improvement industry to transform your ideas in designs. With our skills and expertise, our painters and decorators ensure you achieve the exact style and color scheme you desire.

We take care of painting every aspect including your doors, walls, stairwells, handrails, windows, architraves, ceilings, skirting boards and feature walls. As an interior painting company, our painters also perform exterior painting including verandahs, garage doors, driveways, fences, gables, guttering, etc. We’re your ideal exterior painting contractor.

Residential & Commercial Interior Painting Services

Residential & Commercial Exterior Painting Services

Every home and business needs to put their best foot forward. When you are getting your house painted, you need to represent it well in front of your visitors, and when you are getting your office painted, then you need to make it more welcoming for customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Deciding this is not an easy task. This is why we have a group of painting experts and external house painter who can assess your requirements and inspect your property to give you the right suggestions. As an exterior painting contractor we help you use the right color and paint type to avoid cracking, fading, and peeling in the near future. Simply put, we can help you portray a great first image in front of your first-time visitors, be it for residential or commercial properties. Contact us for the right consultation and support services.

The Importance Of Painting In Interior Design

Adopting or maintaining a certain theme in paint color throughout your home can create a flow, allowing the transition from each room and living space to feel seamless. When making your home you need to think through many options and find a theme color that will define your home. A lack of color, texture or pattern can make a home feel a little lifeless.

Paint changes the atmosphere of our interior and create harmony with the décor by your style. Paints have a way of working around our mind and each tone of color has a significant effect on our mood, has a specific meaning, and interlinks with our mind frame. Therefore, we have to understand that Colors have power to change our mood and mind.

What We Should Understand About Colors.

Colors can make or break a space. Choosing appropriate colors for a facility’s spaces is an important aspect of interior design whether is residential or commercial space. … Warm tones, like red, orange and yellow can energize a space and its occupants. Cool tones such as blue, green and purple generally create quiet, relaxing atmospheres. At Prime House Interiors we have vast experiences in matters dealing with paint and therefore we help our clients achieve ultimate results in their projects.

When it comes to painting of the spaces we live in, there are a lot of things one has to consider. These things ranges from the type of the paint, tone of the paint, whether you going to use plain paint or paint with some effects etc. In today’s world we are quite advantaged because we’ve got unlimited ideas and a wide range of products for decorating our interior spaces.

Nowadays we have different types of paint effects available for use in decorating our homes. These kind of paints are applied using different type of tools in order to achieve a certain kind of finishes. These tools helps us to add extra flair to our interiors. Therefore understanding what paint effects are, allows you to be able to specify to your painter what type of look you want and because you know how to achieve that look you will also be able to specify the colors and process for it to be done.

Silver symbolizes young and the same time, urban look that’s soft and adventurous. Use it in an office space, a recreational place or on neutral walls to give more energy to the room.

Copper is the latest range in metallic shades. It’s a warm and intimate tone that adds elegance to a room. It can be used in dining areas and bed rooms for an environment that is stylish and personal. Colored metallic are a unique concept and gold and silver tints create subtle shades that add special lustre to your walls.

Gold symbolizes rich formal opulence. At the same time it creates a world that is warm and formal. Gold can be so good in living and dining rooms and also can be used in any other room or space.

The gold tint is a substitute version of the traditional gold paint. The silver tint is a soft, fresh shade that has a sheer finish. Crown Metallica is the perfect make-over for any room.

Classic Spacial Paint Effects

Belka cotton paint is the ideal modern day low maintenance alternative to paint and wallpaper. It is an easy and cost effective way to add color, texture and style to walls and ceilings. It is an Ideal alternative wall and ceiling decoration. Belka can be used in homes and other residential places and also can be highly recommended for commercial spaces Hotel rooms, Offices, Malls, and Factories etc. With Belka paint you can apply many creative and innovative way in decorating your walls and ceilings.

Benefits of Belka

Belka cotton paint is easy to Install Easy to Remove, Applicable on any Surface, No Need to Substructures, High Physical Resistance, High Speed of Installation, 100% Natural Material, No Cracks-No Seams, More than 60 Colors, Humidity Resistant, Acoustic Insulation, Light Coordination, Self-Cleaning, Self-Healing, Flame Safe, Insect Free, Odor Free.

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