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Gyproc Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board 9mm

Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise.​

Gyproc Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board 9mm


Gyproc Moisture resistance is a plasterboard with moisture-resistant additives in the core and special green lining paper for easy recognition.

Enhanced plasterboard with water-repellent additives in the core. Recommended for use in intermittent moisture applications where additional performance is required such as in kitchen and bathroom walls and ceiling installations. It is also suitable for use in external soffits that are in sheltered positions



Most preferred moisture-resistant gypsum board compared to other brands in the Kenyan market that can withstand moisture for a very long time

Gyproc Moisture Gyproc-resistant gypsum Boards comply fully with the requirements of BS 1230 and EN 520.

  • Size: 4ft*8ft*9.5mm
  • Discount on Bulk Orders
  • All Accessories Available