3D Signage Logos.

We transform your 2D logo which you usually have printed or displayed on company headed paper, into a three-dimensional logo which you can physically touch and see from many angles. 3D sign logos really do vary from having your logo produced in a flat piece of material cut to the same design and shape as your logo and then mounting it to a wall on raised wall fixings so that it stands proud off the wall to give it a three-dimensional but subtle effect, to fabricating sections of materials together to create a chunky representation of your logo with multiple layers and then mounting the logo to the wall with raised brackets so that the logo design has a much more three-dimensional presence on the wall.

Your signage and branding services, design and the size of the logo needed will usually play a major factor in which method of production can be used to create the office wall sign, however we usually try and offer you a few options so you’re able to compare the cost of production for each.

The truth is a logo can make or break a company’s image. You have probably heard this a thousand times, but a logo design embodies your brand and has the potential to draw clients towards your brand.  At Prime House Interiors, we are at the forefront of modern logo design. Our designers provide our clients with unique and innovative 3D designs.

A three-dimensional (3D) model displays a picture or item in a form that appears to be physically present with a designated structure. This type of design is incredibly popular with millennials as it allows items that appear flat to the human eye to be displayed in a form that allows for various dimensions to be represented. These dimensions include width, depth, and height. If you are interested in 3D logo design but are unsure of how it will work for your business, we would be happy to talk to you about your options.

Our 3D logo team can create something which is brand new or changes an existing logo by adding special effects to it. The great thing about the 3D logo is that it adds creativity to the most corporate of brands. Express your company’s modern vision with 3D logo design. The business world is moving forward and customers prefer a visual representation of company culture and values.

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Painted 3D metal logo signs

Painted 3D metal logos are one of the most popular choices for custom made logo signs as you’re able to create a logo which is not only three-dimensional and long-lasting, but they can also be customized in specific paint colors as well as a range of thicknesses and depths so you can alter how chunky the logo needs to be. The metal logo is handmade by fabricating pieces of metal together to create a chunky three-dimensional representation of your logo.

 The depth of the logo usually varies between 20mm – 100mm however the overall size of the logo will play a factor in how deep the logo needs to be. Once the logo is constructed, it is painted in the RAL color or Pantone color of your choice with paint finishes ranging from matt, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.

With this 3D method of production the metal logo can be mounted to the wall with raised wall fixings to give the appearance that the logo is floating off the wall, or it can be mounted flush to the wall. You also have the option of having LED lighting installed inside the letters if illumination is required.

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3D illuminated logo signs

Displaying your logo as a 3D illuminated sign is arguably the top end of the scale when it comes to sign-making and definitely one of the most popular methods of producing a corporate logo as the finish quality and lighting-effect used brings the logo to life transforming what would be a plain wall into an illuminated feature wall with your branding on it.

There are lots of ways in which your logo can be illuminated by using a range of materials and lighting methods, all of which display your logo in a different style from subtlety illuminating the logo from behind so that the logo floats on a cloud of halo-light, to the all singing and dancing illuminated logos which light up in bright colors.

Illuminated logo signs are usually li-up by using LED light modules which are imbedded inside the logo, however neon lights and incandescent bulbs are often used to create a slightly different lighting effect.

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3D chrome stainless steel logo signs

Produced in a mirror polished ‘chrome-finish’ stainless steel and constructed by hand by fabricating flat pieces of metal together to create a three-dimensional representation of your logo, the 3D polished stainless steel logos are a superb way of producing eye-catching corporate signage and often used across the industry for many businesses.

In a similar way to the painted metal letters, the depth of the metal logo usually varies between 20mm – 100mm however this is often determined by the overall size of the logo. Once the logo is constructed it’s polished by hand to reveal the mirrored chrome stainless steel finish.
The chrome metal logos can be mounted flush to the wall or raised off the wall using discrete raised wall fixings which creates a small gap behind the logo to produce a floating effect. Because each section of the logo is produced with a hollow recessed back, LED lighting can often be installed inside the letters if illumination is required.

Signage and Branding Company

A signage refers to visual representation that is not in digital format, in most cases of a logo which gives information to the customers about a company. One of the first thoughts to come to any business owner’s mind is how to stand out from the competition. If a brand promotion is considered the backbone of every successful business, it is essential that your brand identity becomes recognized by the general public. Using signage is a significant consideration for every business, whether a start-up or an existing brand.

1. Helps with Sales and Marketing

Creative exterior signage will definitely draw immediate attention to your place of business. It is a very efficient tool to call out to customers that your company is there to provide their much-needed products and services. A place of business with no or just minimal signage is usually unnoticed by passersby. Get more people interested in your products and services with highly creative signage for your company. The visual stimulation that a well thought-out signage generates will leave a lasting impression with your clients long after they have left your premises. Excellent quality signage will showcase your business’s commitment to serve the best that your company has to offer.

2. Brand loyalty

A winning brand logo is the starting point of every branding strategy. It tells the story of your company without even having to speak. It will also provide the information that you want your customers to know about your business. A brand logo that becomes very recognizable will reinforce an image of trust. High visibility appeals to the subconscious of consumers because it conveys consistent availability. Utilizing signage for your brand logo will go a long way towards producing brand loyalty which is a very important aspect of every business.

3. Off-premises advertising

Putting up signage is not limited to attaching them to your place of business. Another way to reach more potential customers is strategically placed signage such as billboards in locations that will attract more people who are otherwise not yet familiar to your place of business. Signage may be useful where there is heavy foot traffic or can be placed on a busy highway to get the attention of passing motorists. There is an untapped additional reach when your signage is seen in more places. It will bring familiarity to your logo that will eventually lead to more business for your company.

Branding with signage is a proven effective marketing strategy by a lot of companies even from way back. Several successful businesses started with just creative signage that created a lasting name-recall for their company. It is a tried and tested advertising tool that is an excellent investment for every business. It is a very cost-effective way to advertise 24/7. Even if your company has limited marketing funds, investing in quality signage will go a long way towards promoting your business and achieving brand recognition.