Window Blinds and Curtains.

We provide all types of blinds, curtains and shutters. Our blinds are made to give your home a unique and cozy look. We can take care of every aspect of your interior design needs. At Prime House Interiors Blinds, we are proud to supply and fit a wide range of high quality blinds all over Nairobi and across Kenya to many customers for many years. Large collections and widest range, professional Advisors will help you with innovative and creative ideas that can suit both your needs and budget and help you transform your home or office to a piece of art.

Vertical Blinds

Probably the most practical blind type vertical blinds offer precise light control and ease of use. Vertical blinds are now available in a massive range of fabrics from machine washable and wipe down for the most practical of uses in offices or bathrooms, to more stylish fabrics to give the most modern home a contemporary look.

Vertical blinds can be a solution for more unusual window shapes with the option of having a curved head rail or on a sloping window. You also have the choice of different finishes for the head rail and components giving you the option to personalize your blind to meet your requirements. So whether you are wanting classic and traditional or modern and practical vertical blinds can meet every need.

Duplex Blinds

Contemporary and Convenient – Our Duplex Blinds are an ultra-modern edition of the ever-classic roller blind. Duplex blinds are one of our loved mainly because of their aesthetic appeal and functionality. Their translucent and non-translucent horizontal woven stripes give you so much control on how you want to filter light into your living space. This two-phase system allows the fabric to transmit light in the most stylish manner thereby softening the ambience of the area they are installed in.
This trendy take on window dressings are a blend of privacy and soft glow. So, if you’re looking to make a style statement with these Duplex Blinds then book a free appointment and let Prime House Interiors Blinds do the rest.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are the perfect way to add some luxury and elegance to your home. Available in a large range of soft fabrics from luxurious crushed velvet and faux suede to contemporary patterns. Roman blind are all lovingly hand made to measure.
Co-ordinate these soft fabric blinds with your curtains, cushions and other soft interiors to add softness to your window, whilst also being perfect for shading and privacy..
All blinds come lined with cotton satin lining as standard with the option of blackout lining also. Our roman blinds now come with side winder control with a silver aluminum chain as standard, giving you ease of use.

Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are the ultra-modern way to add style to your home. A fantastic way to dress large windows, panel blinds are a perfect way to make a statement. As they are available in any roller blind fabric the choice of patterns and colors is vast and you have the option of accessories to customize your blind.
Available in three, four or five panels you have the option to choose how wide you need each panel to be to suit your needs. The sliding design provides an efficient way to shade your room, each panel neatly stacking behind each other when the blind is fully open to make the most of a large expanse of glazing. This blind can also be used as a room divider, a creative and stylish way to make the most of your living space.

Roller Blinds

Now-a-days, every modern home contains roller blinds and mainly because of their functionality. They are perfect for both personal living spaces and work. Whether you want more shade, to give a more luxurious or glamorous look to your windows or you just want to reduce heat. Roller Blinds are stylish and practical enough to serve your needs in the most convenient and economical way. Fabric and design play a very crucial role when it comes to window dressing because every room has its own aura and functional requirements which is why we offer a wide range of affordable color palettes through to designer ranges for our customers to choose from.


We are specialists for made to measure curtains in Nairobi. Our curtains are made using high quality fabrics selected by us, from linens, cottons, velvets, voiles and more; we are able to find the right fabric choice for your curtains. You can see some of our range of fabrics here.
Curtains need to be both functional, stylish and often left to the end to ‘finish off’ the look of the property – it really can make or break your home. We offer a complete supply and fit service. Our designers will visit your home (free of charge), explain and advise you about your curtain options including fabric styles and textures. The curtains are then made in our workroom and fitted by our trusted in-house curtain fitters..
Choose from a vast selection of patterned, plain or textured fabrics. We ensure our curtains meet our strict quality control standards. Mix and match prints for a bold design statement. Our collection of made to measure Curtains offers an array of complementary prints and plains that can be pulled together to create a modern look.