Best Canvas Painting and Canvas Wall Art in Kenya

Looking to buy canvas paints in Nairobi Kenya? You have come to the right place. We have quality canvas painting and canvas wall art in Kenya customised to each of our clients specific needs. We are not the avarage canvas painter, but we produce work that will blend well with the interior design of your building.

Our hand painted art is ideal for your living room, kitchen, office etc. If you live in Nairobi/Kenya and want to buy a ready made canvas, you can choose from hundreds of quality samples already in stock, or you can request for your own art to be painted and delivered to you by calling us on 0721 502 251 or or via our contact form

Beautiful Panel Canvas Wall Hangings

Make a bold statement in any room with our selection of high quality canvas prints. these decorative panels are the perfect way to complete any space at an affordable price. choose from a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and imagery material.

Canvas size 90cm by 60cm ( custom sizes also done) they come already fitted with hanging hooks.