Office Partitioning Services

There are many important features you should consider when choosing partitions for your areas. Start with determining the design requirements of your offices. Then consider these factors: Durability, Noise control, Lighting, Aesthetics, Heat retention and Cost.

Office Partitioning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Our premium quality office partitioning services in Nairobi Kenya are a great option for designing an office, and they usually come with a wide variety of incredible options for your walls and doors. Your employees spend a third of their time at work. When you provide them with a comfortable environment, and equip them with everything they need to be as efficient as possible, they will reward you with improved productivity.

We create a look for your business meeting rooms, boardrooms and cubicle for clients that will address your needs and suit your specific workspace vision and requirements. Prime House Interiors provides services to help transform your dull business work environment into a stylish, sleek and light filled environment using our office partitioning expertise.

Office Glass Partition

Commercial interior design

Office Glass Partition With Frosted Tint

Commercial interior design
Commercial interior design

Glass Office Partitioning

Office glass partition walls and glass doors allow unlimited choices to make your interior space spectacular. Doors are fitted with premium quality locks,, handles, and bolts. Whether you are searching for a contemporary layout for your office spaces or a more traditional corporate look, the best alternative for office partitioning is glass.

There are several types and categories of office partitions available for businesses today in Nairobi Kenya. These glass walls come in different designs, materials, and even colors. The kind of glass and partitions you choose will depend on your needs. You can also have your own custom logo incorporated on glass to add elegance and showcase your brand to customers.

Gypsum Office Partitioning Services in Nairobi Kenya

More and more companies are choosing gypsum partitions for their offices, also called drywall partitions. The main reason for that is because gypsum walls have high performances, but at the same time, they are lightweight and easy to install. Thanks to that, office spaces of different sizes can be easily transformed into more functional ones.

Our team of technicians will be there to help you divide your office into smaller sections, such as a meeting or waiting rooms. Drywalls have excellent acoustic and soundproofing abilities, so you and your employees will be able to work without disruption.

These strong and resilient partitions require minimum maintenance, and you can paint and decorate them like all other concrete walls. Whenever you decide to reorganise your office space we will be there to provide top-notch drywalls of any size and professional installation.

Why Choose Our Gypsum Partitions Services

Since they are easier to instal and have reduced weight compared to concrete ones, the cost of the overall construction is also put to a minimum. Their flexibility allows you to adjust and customise them based on your personal preferences. Team of our skilled technicians will help you maximise the usage of your commercial space swiftly and with minimum fuss.

We will take all the measurements, and help you organise the space so it fits your business needs perfectly, so you can forget about thorough planning and installation that lasts for ages. Our drywall office partitions Nairobi professionals strive to provide the best service and because of that, we are the top choice of numerous business owners in Kenya. You can be sure that everything will be finished on time, so your business will not suffer because of the installation of drywalls that you choose.

Gypsum Ceilings | Prime House Interior

Desk Dividers in Nairobi Kenya

If you find that you have too much small talk happening and not enough work, then desk dividers remain the ideal solution for you. We make it simple to create new cubicles, partial offices, dedicated seating areas, and more, all without the hassle of renovation services.

No matter how many that you need or what you intend to use them for, we ensure that you receive the best items available each time. Call us now and start building your ideal office areas today.

For the best office partitioning services in Nairobi Kenya, come to the experts at Prime House Interiors. We are here to help you when you need it. Feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries regarding office partitions and commercial office fit outs! 0721 502 251

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