Wallpapers in Kenya

Whatever your requirement – whether a contemporary or traditional style, Prime House Interiors will produce an ideal scheme. One that will reflects the clients’ taste whilst keeping within set budget. We also deliver classic designs for clients in line with their requests.

What is A Wallpaper?

  • Wallpaper is basically a wall covering that is pasted over the interior walls of a house/room to give a facelift or to enhance the look of it.
  • They come in many different Designs, patterns, textures and colors.

Simple and Easy to use

  • Wallpapers have proved to be the easiest way to use when designing an interior space.
  • One can use wallpapers to make a statement when it comes to designing the interior space of a home or office

Why Wallpapers

How to Incorporate Wallpapers and paint together in a Room

Wallpapers when used together with paint on your walls awill act as a sophisticated design in your interior space.

They not only make your walls to stand out, but also add value and some class to your rooms. You will have aesthetic yet exclusive surfaces that still balance with your furnishes. We also paint and sell elegant canvas wall art that can easily blend with your wallpaper.

What you will consider when choosing a wallpaper

Things to look for when narrowing down to what kind of wallpaper may work well for your interior space are colors, patterns, textures and themes. Doing research will allow you to see all the beautiful options available to you and get excited about adding it.

Choosing solid-colored, patterned wallpapers can add a lush feel to your room design. Using a solid-colored wallpaper with a sheen can add drama and depth, as the light reflects off the paper to create a brighter and more textured space.

Wallpapers are highly effective way of personalizing designs because they offer so many different options. Whether you’re looking for colorful or neutral, patterned or abstract, textured or flat, geometric or floral — wallpaper offers a million ways to add your own individual impact to any space.

Wallpaper Can Be Featured, Like Art

In the past, wallpaper was most often used as a backdrop in any room, being slapped on every wall to make an impact. These days, there are so many beautifully crafted wallpapers to choose from and many more ways to add a custom touch. Carolina V. Gentry, RID. Contact us today for details and a free no obligation quote.

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