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Wallpapers For Houses in Kenya

Wallpapers for Houses in Kenya

At Prime House Interiors, we provide a large selection of contemporary wallpapers for Residential houses in Kenya that will quickly convert your home into a vivacious and opulent setting that you and your family will like. Only wallpaper offers texture, patterns, color, and depth all in one. The simplest and least expensive approach to completely and visually remodel your space is using modern interior design wallpapers. Besides we have a variety of wall papers for houses ranging from Wallpapers, Wall murals, contact papers, Liquid wallpapers, 3D wallpapers and many more.

3D wallpapers

Where to get wallpapers in Nairobi Kenya.

If you are wondering where to get that ideal wallpaper for house decoration, wall mural or contact paper for your residential or office space. Prime House Interiors is your ideal vendor for wallpapers for residential houses in Kenya. Our wide range of selection will amaze you and you will be spoiled for choices. For wallpaper installation charges, or enquiries just dial our number or send a WhatsApp message or email and we will be more than happy to help you transform you space.

You can create a one-of-a-kind, special, and distinctive ambiance with our variety of wallpaper textures and patterns. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on decorating your home if you use wallpapers for houses or office.

We pride ourselves in having huge selection of wallpapers for houses in patterns and designs. Among many more, some of them include faux brick, stone mosaics, and imitation wood. You’ll notice that you won’t want to leave your home if you choose from our variety of wallpapers ranging from textured, Plain, Brick, floral, Damask or Stripped for each room. Every moment you spend in your home will be enjoyable and treasured. Some Photos

Wallpapers for residential houses

The Prices of Wallpapers in Nairobi Kenya

Our wallpaper installation price for Residential Houses in Kenya ranges from Kshs.1,500 – Kshs.35000 per roll With/Without Installation fee Depending on the Design, type and the quality of the wallpapers.

Here is the table showing the different types of our wallpapers and wallpaper installation cost in 2022

ITEMSIZEPrice per rollPrice per roll with installation
Wallpapers0.53m x 10mKshs. 1800Kshs.  2500
Contact Paper0.53 x 5mKshs.2000Kshs.  3000
3D Wallpapers0.53m x 10mKshs. 2200Kshs.  2800
Textured Wallpapers0.53m x 10mKshs. 2000Kshs.  2500
Ceiling Wallpapers0.53m x 10mKshs. 2000Kshs.  3000
Liquid Wallpapers1m2Kshs. 1000Kshs.  1500
Wall murals1m2Kshs. 2500Kshs.  3500

Why choose us?

With our team of expertise, we are able to sit down with you and guide you through on how to arrive to your ideal kind of wallpaper for your house that will turn your room into an amazing space. We will help you design your home that perfectly captures your personality according to you taste and preferences. Because it’s so crucial to us that our clients should feel themselves in their space, Prime House Interiors provides you with a huge selection of many designs and patterns to choose from. And you will never lack something that can match to your taste and preferences.

How we work

Once a client has reached to us either via a call, a text or WhatsApp message or an email; We will do the following:-

  1. We will engage the client and find out what His/her needs are.
  2. We will then send a soft copy catalog which He/she can look through to find the ideal wallpaper for their space with the help of our wallpaper experts.
  3. Once He/she has identified the ideal wallpapers for their space.
  4. We will then request for the measurements of the space from the client or do a site visit to get the measurements as we advice further.
  5. After getting the measurements, we will then tell the client how many rolls will be required.
  6. Then the client will make the payment and the work will commence.

Best Type of Wallpapers for Residential Houses

1. Mural Wallpapers 

Do you enjoy large-scale art? Then wallpaper murals and pictures are ideal for you. The mural wallpaper is ideal for bringing vitality and breaking up monotony in a place to prevent drabness. You can hang it in the kids’ room, corridor, living room, bedroom, etc. using various arts. Mural wallpapers have the amusing feature that you can choose the kind of art you want for your background.

Wallpaper murals for kids

2. Floral Wallpapers

The usage of flower wallpaper for your house is another popular trend; when you touch them, your space exudes an inviting, natural vibe. Some would claim that wallpapers make you feel more in tune with nature.

Floral wallpapers

3. Textured Wallpapers

A wall can occasionally be made to appear as though it is composed of a natural, textured substance by using textured wallpaper.  As was already noted, some wallpaper materials can produce a surface that is more textured. The easiest approach to assess the texture of the actual wallpaper product is, as usual, to order samples. Prime House Interiors provides various substrates for digital prints, each with a distinctive surface texture.

Textured wallpaper

4. Contact papers

For those of you unfamiliar, the product is smooth and often has a sticky surface on one side and has a decorative surface on the other side. The paper adheres to the target surface effortlessly. The ideal places to use contact paper are on kitchen counters, to cover a refrigerator, to make do-it-yourself furniture, to brighten up a stairway, etc.

Common Wallpaper Mistakes

  1. Under ordering – This typically occurs when you order fewer rolls of wallpaper because you didn’t precisely measure the area where you intend to put it.
  2. Uneven surface- Before installing your wallpaper make sure the surface is flat and free of dust particles, this helps to avoid a bumpy unclear surface after installation.
  3. Applying the wrong paste – There are three types of wallpaper applications for house decoration; paste the wall, pre-pasted and paste the wallpaper. Paste the wall requires you to apply the paste on the wall first before sticking the wallpaper, pre-pasted you only have to moisten the wallpaper before application and lastly the paste the wallpaper, you apply paste at the back of the wallpaper before application.
  4. Using the wrong tools for wallpaper installation-Without the right tools you may end up with uneven and crocked wallpaper endings. The right tools to use are spackle knife, seam roller, wallpaper adhesive, wallpaper brush, sponge or rag.

How to install a wallpaper for houses

Step 1: Get your wallpapers and tools ready.

Step 2: Prep the wall – Remove all decor, furniture or wall plate and turn off the electricity and smoothen the walls with sandpaper to help have a clear surface. After clearing the wall, apply primer to the walls to protect it from damage and for easy removal.

Step 3: Measuring- Measure and draw a plumb line form the floor to the ceiling, this is to be sure of the amount of paper needed and avoid overlays.

Step 4: Smooth the surface and continue– smooth out the wallpaper using a wallpaper brush, once the top paper is smooth unbook the bottom piece and continue smoothening with a brush. Repeat the same process for all the remaining pieces.

Step 5: Clean out the excess at the corners using a utility knife and wipe off the excess adhesive with a rag.