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Gyproc Gypsum Filler 25kg Multipurpose Plaster

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Gyproc Gypsum Filler 25kg Multipurpose Plaster


Gyproc filler is a gypsum-based setting material for bulk and secondary filling of plasterboard joints. A low shrinkage product for hand application, with 60 minutes working time. It can be used in stages 1 and 2 of the traditional 3-stage jointing process.

Gyproc filler produces a smooth, continuous, crack-resistant lining surface ready for priming and final decoration. Several jointing specifications are available to suit the board type, site preference, and method of application. When taping and jointing, Gyproc Joint Filler is suitable for the application of the taping coat only. It sets to a hard finish and is ideal for use on plasterboard joints under Gyproc Finish Plasters

Joint filling is an important process in many structures such as Buildings, Masonry Walls. A joint filler for use in joints between structural elements comprising at least one layer of a substantially non-compressible, moisture blocking material; at least two layers of a compressible and resilient, moisture-blocking material, each layer being in surface to surface contact with a layer of non-compressible material. The layers of material are combined to form a strip of interleaved compressible and non-compressible layers, and in an uncompressed state thicker than a joint



Gyproc filler 25kg is a gypsum-based plaster highly recommended for plastering of gypsum ceilings, drywall partitions, and concrete walls. When applied by a professional, gyproc filler dries quickly, making sanding easy and smooth. Free delivery in Nairobi